1St workout of the week 💪

It is a little late for that cause it’s already Friday. But! I am working 10 hours a day from Monday to Thursday so when I get back home at 8 pm every day I do want to work out so badly but I am usually so tired I can’t get myself to do it. 😔

But during the weekend I am doing my best to workout every day. Today I did a very nice session of Pilates and I feel very well stretched and tired. I feel all my muscles but at the same time I feel very relaxed. So happy right now 💪💪💪

Keep fighting for your dreams every single day and you will get there. Don’t let your past interfere with your present. It’s a finished chapter. You’re not the same person that you were last year, month, week or yesterday. Embrace the change. Miracles happen every day. Be alert and don’t be indifferent to them.

Stay strong 💪

Love ❤