Dieting-how to start and what to do?

Hi guys 🙂 Today I wanted to “talk” to you about dieting. We all know how hard it is to start, change all of our eating habits and stick to the resolutions that we’ve made. How to do it? Well… it’s still tough for me to stick to the plan sometimes. That’s why I’ve done some research of some useful tips that we can all use. 🙂

Slimming is a process. That’s why it’s so important to set goals. 

The correct way of setting goals allows us to divide the goal for several smaller goals “milestones”. It is so much easier to control and work on the little steps. If we have a very distant “big” goal it is easier for us to quit because it actually discourage us instead of motivating us.

Plan your goals according to these few steps: 

  1. REASONABLE GOAL at the beginning set a reasonable goal for slimming. If you have 20 kilograms to lose then set your thoughts at the begging in a way to lose certain percent of this number, for example 20%. After reaching this “small” step, set another one. This way you will get to your final goal 🙂
  2. WEEKLY GOALS you know that diet is suppose to take you to losing weight, but how to actually do it? For every day of the week plan special tasks that will move you closer to losing weight. Make sure these are specified activities, for example: running every day for 30 minutes, or working out every day for 30 minutes, or something else that will benefit your overall goal. But don’t plan losing certain amount of kilograms. Sometimes body plays a prank on us and although we were doing everything right and sticking to diet plan, we still don’t lose weight. But if you did all the activities from your weekly plan, you will be able to say “I fulfilled weekly plan, so I am one step closer to reaching my goal”.
  3. THE MAGIC OF AVOIDING SNACKING when you have a need to snack something in between meals of your diet plan, tell yourself that you will eat it in half an hour. In the meantime busy yourself with something else. If after half an hour you still want to snack, try to postpone it for another half an hour. Basically, try to postpone it for as long as you can. Even if you are going to eat something unhealthy after all, you will end up eating less of it than you would have done the first time you got a craving. After some time of practicing such behavior you will actually see that you some of the products that you used to eat, are becoming less attractive for you 🙂

That’s when it comes to planning your goals. I think that postponing snacks is something definitely worth doing. After all it’s all about tricking your mind, so that’s just another way of doing so 🙂

There are also few general rules for the whole process of slimming that may help you: 

  1. PRIORITIES start respecting yourself and put your own wellness as a top priority. This way, people that are close & important to you will be able to count on your respect and support
  2. PRACTICE each week try to learn some new behaviors that will help you reach your goal. Let them become your habits. This way, with time, they will become inherent part of your day, just like brushing your teeth every day, you’re not thing about it, you’re just doing it 🙂
  3. PATIENCE losing weight is a process. Don’t worry if you’re going to make a mistake. Keep your motivation and keep on going. Search for new incentives and don’t give up. Success is within your reach.

And remember, you’re not the only one trying to get fit. There’s plenty of people around you or online that you can always find and exchange your experiences 🙂 You can do it 🙂