Fighting my inner laziness

I was fighting with myself all day long. Yesterday I made a promise to myself that I will clean half of the house and work out and go check out where exactly is my new job located, just to avoid stress on Thursday. And I didn’t want to do neither of these things today!!!

Finally, in the afternoon, I forced myself to go clean the kitchen, living room and the hall. I did a very thorough cleaning of them all and I must admit I did myself proud with it because it’s all shining now.

I didn’t go check out my new place of work, but I will do it tomorrow or on Monday 🙂

And as much as I didn’t want to work out, and was fighting with myself to convince my inner athlete to relax today, I forced myself to a simple workout. In conclusion, I did myself proud twice today! Not a bad score 🙂


You can do so much more than you think. Sometimes you just need to force yourself to do something that you may not want at first, but what will you thank yourselves for in the future ❤

61464_457212771067383_1517093035_nStay strong!

Love ❤