Monday workout!

Today I started strong from the very morning. I am going to work for 2 pm so I have decided to actually workout in the morning instead of after work.

I must say it does give more energy, that’s for sure 😀

Many times during the week I lack motivation and am trying to push myself through those week moments. I ended up wondering how to motivate myself? And then I realized that you just have to want it. You cant’t give up your dreams no matter what are the circumstances.

I believe that the process of losing weight is not only about losing weight but it is about gaining so much more. Confidence, mental strength, humility. Working out is not only about making you look better but also about making you a better person.

Instead of constantly judging others, we should better find a purpose for your life and don’t stop until we will fulfill ourselves.

Stay strong 💪

Love ❤


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