HIIT Cardio done!

I am very much out of breath but feeling absolutely amazing and proud. 😍

I really do love having Fridays off. 😍 I would definitely not be able to do this workout after 10 hour shift at work. 👍

It’s a little bit too late to get ready for this bikini season but I will rock the next one 💪 I am not giving up this time. I will do it for me. Not for other stupid reasons I had before. Just for me, my health and well being. This time I am my own priority. Remember, no one will take care of you better than yourself. Be your own friend and take care of your health and love yourself. After all, we only have this one life and only one health for an entire lifetime. So take care today of your future. 💪❤❤

I begin to realize what I’ve always known but didn’t actually say it out loud: a beautiful body is only the side effect of healthy life.

So let’s all be healthy and love ourselves and each other.

Stay strong 💪

Love ❤



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