Workout done! 😍

I am so happy that I used my day off to do a decent workout. I needed a fan throughout the entire workout though because it’s very hot today in UK. At least in Milton Keynes 😍

Too bad we didn’t manage to get a car today cause it would be the perfect day to go somewhere on the beach 😍 at least I did my workout so the day is not completely wasted lol

I am very glad that you liked my earlier post and I will make sure to come up with more ideas for posts like that. After all you are the ones that give direction to my blog. 😉

Here’s a little motivation to do squats 😍 but not only. There is such a wide variety of exercises that will make your bum look perfect, so remember to broaden your horizons and do more than just squats 👍

Stay strong 💪

Love ❤


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