I’m back!! 

Germany was absolutely stunning although it was snowing in there!!! We were so shocked when suddenly out of nowhere it started to snow. 😱 apart from the weather, everything else was perfect. Food was delicious, people were so nice and welcoming. I spent absolutely lovely 2 days in there.

After that, new workplace. It’s not bad but it’s not great either. It’s just a normal place of work. And I just need to get used to everything. Including getting used to being at work and finding time to work out.

That’s why I am going back to work out every second day instead of every day. I’ve just finished my workout for today

Next Monday (after my pay day this Friday!!! 😀) I’m restarting my diet and soon I’ll be fully back on track 😍😍

And just to motivate myself and all of you:

That’s right – BIKINI BODY!!!

Stay strong! 💪

Love ❤


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