Sweets are products that lack any nourishment, they are only a source of empty calories, monosaccharides, fat of a bad quality, preservatives, and even sodium (preservative).

Some of the substance present in them limit our body’s ability to absorb important elements like, calcium or magnesium!!!!

Can you imagine world without sweets? How the world would look like if no one had ever created sweets? PERFECT WORLD, PARADISE ❤

My posts should not work as a form of restriction for you, banning you from everything that you like. I want US, all of US, including myself, to become more aware customer and consumer. I will try to convince you to broaden your culinary horizon and try something new.

I am not dietitian, these are simply information I found online and what I have been told by my doctor when I was diagnosed with Policystic Ovarian Syndrome and insulin resistance. I hope you will find any of that useful 🙂

First of all, if you want to stop eating sweets, or at least limit it, you need to throw all the sweets out of your house. If you keep seeing sweets in your cupboards, or your family and friends will parade next to you with chocolate bars, you will break and eat something sweet too. Clean your house from junk food.

You can even offer them to join you in your sugar detox 🙂 They will thank you later 😉

Do whatever you want with them, but don’t keep sweets in your house, work desk, car, bag, etc.

Out of site, out of mind [if only it worked this way with sweets!!!]

One more thing! Get rid of sucrose (sugar in your sugar bowl). When you stop sugar, you can actually taste the difference in your food, tea or coffee. You can taste their real, natural flavor. If you won’t like them anymore, that means that you have never actually liked tea or coffee, you’ve just liked the sugar that you’ve been adding to them.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? 🙂

Instead of snaking sweets, you can eat fresh, crunchy and colorful vegetables. Use the goodness of mother earth.

I’ll try to give you some culinary inspirations to make something quick, tasty and healthy.

For example, I am drinking right now a delicious smoothie!


To prepare something like this you need:

300ml of 100% apple juice

80g of frozen mango chunks

80g of frozen watermelon balls

Throw it all in your blender and you have a delicious smoothie. You can take it with you to work or just have at home while watching TV or reading my blog 😉

You can use any fruit that you like. Be creative 😀

We can do it 😉

Stay strong!



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