Tonight only nice and easy Pilates session. With all that cardio and strengthening, I need to do a little bit of stretching from time to time. It was very relaxing and I feel much better now 🙂

Screenshot_2017-04-08-20-47-06 Tomorrow is a rest day. Funny thing is, I really don’t want to have a rest day lol I know we all should have one day of rest. Our bodies need that in particular, but I will feel extremely weird about not working out. But a least I will go for a walk so that’s good.

As you all can see, I am doing fine when it comes to working out. I am doing everything according to the plan with exercising. Now, what I really need to focus on is nutrition. Here’s what I’ll do. From Monday I will be writing down every single thing that I eat, and what time I eat it at. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an apple or one peanut, I will write everything down. That will help me to catch some mistakes and work on them from there. I will be able to see if I eat enough vegetables, drink enough water, etc. Hopefully that will help me find mistakes and correct them 🙂


Stay strong!



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