Thursday’s Workout

Today’s workout was absolutely the best! It was very challenging, intense cardio with the element of shaping and strengthening my body! I burned lots of calories and I loved it so much!!!

Screenshot_2017-04-06-22-10-09 It doesn’t get better than this! I am falling more and more in love with physical activity. I can’t believe that I’m saying it. You know, when I was younger and going to school, I was always avoiding exercising on my PE lessons…and look at me now! I am doing everything that I can to squeeze some time for a workout during my day.

I must say, now it becomes more like a routine for me. It is just something that I don’t think about. I just do it. It’s like with brushing my teeth. I don’t think about brushing them, I just do it 🙂

I’m fighting for a body resembling this one:

923418_460517277403599_629101319_n Summer is only few months away. Let’s make this summer count. 😀

I know I won’t look like that by the summer, but I want to loose at least a little bit of my belly by then. So fingers crossed, I am willing to work hard and do everything that I can to achieve my goals! 🙂

Stay strong!



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