Friday’s workout

I was working very hard this past week. Pushing myself to workout every single day. And then when I stepped onto the scale in the morning it showed 0.5kg more. It was very hard for me to keep the right diet lately because I have been fired last Friday and I can’t find a job since. I am sending my CV to every single place than I can, and I didn’t hear back from any of these places. I know that sometimes it takes time and stuff, but I just would like to go back to work. That’s it.

Right now I actually realised that it is not an excuse for me eating sweets and crisps and other chemically improved food. I can buy bunch of vegetables and create something nice from it without spending fortune on it. So I guess there’s not excuse for me. I just didn’t do that well when it comes to nutrition this past week .

I’ll try to get better next week!! 🙂

So far, I’ve done my workout for today


I need to keep reminding myself that working out it’s only 30% of healthy lifestyle. 70% is a healthy and balanced diet. That’s the key to success.

Motivation needs to go like 200% higher. I need to focus on my goal in order to achieve it. I can do it! No sweets, crisps, and any junk food next week. Instead I will focus on giving you more information about sugar and detox from it. That will definitely help me!! And pictures like this one = body goals!!


Stay strong!



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