SUGAR DETOX – introduction

I’m not sure if you realise that, but sugar is everywhere. I’m not talking only about sugar you have in your sugar bowl (sucrose), but also about the whole variety of monosaccharides that are present in the food we’re eating.

Most of the people consume much more sugar than it is actually needed. Recently, I realised that I, myself, consume a lot of sugar and I need to try to cut down the amount of it at least to half as much as I eat now.

I know it’s not easy, but maybe this will help all of us. Let’s try and think about all the effects of consuming too much sugar. I’ve done some research and I am terrified after what I’ve found.

The list is very long and it can actually knock you out…So you better sit down for that.

Take a breath and let’s go…

  • Type 2 diabetes (in the past it was known as ‘adults diabetes’) more and more children, teenagers and adults are stricken with it. Type 2 diabetes is not congenital disease; it is acquired through variety of different reasons including lack of physical activity or eating too much simple carbohydrates. As a result we can expect different complications like: neuropathy (horrible thing!!), deterioration of your kidneys functions, deterioration of your sight, etc.
  • hyperinsulinism (condition right before diabetes), as a result insulin resistance. Even if you’re young, physically active and skinny, but eat improperly, you can be stricken with insulin resistance. From here it’s only one step away to diabetes.
  • Disorder of bacterial flora in your intestines – we should all know that intestines are very important in our bodies immunity
  • Excess weight and obesity – we’re getting additional inches/centimeters with every ‘little bit’ of something sweet
  • circulatory system diseases
  • Incorrect fatty acid metabolism (including cholesterol levels or neutral fat)
  • Hormonal changes (for example in serotonin levels – happiness hormone!!!!!)
  • Increased probability of tumor or cancer (including breast or large intestine cancer)
  • Disorder in feeling hunger or satiety
  • Dysregulation of bowel movement
  • Intesity of symptoms of heartburn or stomach ulcers
  • Disorder of liver functions (including glycogen levels)
  • Deficit of minerals and vitamins in your body
  • Difficulties with concentration and sleep
  • hypererethism
  • Disorder of your state of mind or even depression!
  • Disorder in your taste, for example vegetable or fish can taste bland
  • Decay, changes of pH value in your mouth
  • Deterioration of the condition of your complexion

OMG! Are you still here???



I know it’s very hard. I’m struggling with this myself!! I know that life without this “sweet pleasure” seems to be as something horrible. However, the sooner we realise that life without “sweet pleasure” is in fact HEALTHY LIFE, the better for us!


Despite the fact that sugar is absolutely everywhere, manufacturers are trying to replace it with its cheaper equivalents.

They are trying to brainwash us and write on the labels that something is sugar free. When in fact this lowering sugar amounts in juices or fizzy drinks is nothing else than replacing bad with worse.

It means nothing that our drink has less calories if we can find in it the following:

– High fructose corn syrup

– corn syrup

– artificial sweetener

Clearly there is a reason why sugar is called “sweet poison”

Sugar is something that is eight times more addictive than cocaine.

I’ll do my best to familiarise myself and you with sugar and it’s different forms in the nearest future.

I need to really cat down sugar and all of its forms. To do so, we need to raise awareness of the problem and find out as much as we can about it, so we know what are we fighting against.

We can do this! Prevention is what we need to do! Before it’s to late.

After all, we only live once 🙂

Be smart & take care of yourself 🙂

Be strong!



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