New week, new possibilities

New week, new challenges, fighting to be a better self. Sometimes you can hear people saying that they hate Mondays because they have to go back to work, school, etc. And I say… Thank God it’s Monday!!

So many people say that they will start dieting, exercising, live healthier from Monday. Probably 95% of those people never actually did start from Monday but for the other 5%… Monday is the beginning of their new life. So fingers crossed for all the people out there who promised that they will start or stop doing something from Monday, and kept their promise. You can do it! I belive on you💪💪💪💪

As for me, I’m just drinking my delicious smoothie:

-mango chunks

-watermelon balls


So yummy 😍

I’m finally healthy so I can go back to working out today. I can’t wait 😍😍😍


Stay strong! 💪💪💪



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