I’m back!!

This time for real. 🙂

Last time I was here I wanted this blog to motivate me to lose weight and to keep the right diet and to exercise. However, after some time, I realised that it’s not so easy. And I lost my motivation and that’s why I also lost motivation to run this blog.

I always dreamt about having a successful blog and to write stuff that could motivate and hopefully change other people’s lives. However, with work and cooking healthy food and working out… it’s really hard to do anything else.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and what  I want to do with it, and I realized that to have a successful blog one day in the future, I have to work on it NOW! Now it’s the time to work hard and long hours to maybe have an influence on someone in the future.

First months of 2017 were not my best. I gave up diet and working out so now I need to start from scratch and keep fighting. I have been very successful at the beginning but this week was horrible. So I need to go back on track from Monday and I will do it right. 🙂

By the way… I figured out a way that keeps me going (most of the time!). It did work for 3 whole weeks, and I will follow this particular path from Monday onwards.

The method is so very simple, and it’s the best way to stay motivated that I have ever tried 🙂 Basically, you think of something that you really want, something small, not a car or a new flat, but something small that will bring you a lot of joy, like new nail polish, or workout DVD, or shoes, etc. and you make a promise to yourself that once you fulfill a week of clean eating and exercises (at first it may just be just working days Monday to Friday) you will buy yourself one of those little things that you want so much. The key is to constantly think not of having to stop eating unhealthy food that we all love so much, but about the prize. The old saying “eyes on the prize” can be applied in here. Focus on the prize, why do you want it? What feelings will it bring to you? How are you going to use it? When? If it’s new T-shirt, what will you wear it with? At some point, you will be so focused on the prize that you will forget that you make any sacrifices 😉

Be strong!





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