Quick Tuesday Report 

Today has been extremely busy at work and I had to stay after hours for a bit. Hence, I don’t have much time to write a massive post. Unfortunately. 😞

However, I did cook my lunches and dinners for tomorrow and Thursday. Well done me ✋👍 I always cook for 2 or evwn sometimes 3 days. It is very usueful in those days when you’re coming from work late and starving!! Instead of eating anything in my  sight, I just put my dinner in the microwave and after 3-4 mins = dinner done!! 😉 This method is really helping me to deal with overeting and snacking between meals 😊

Motivation for the night: BIKINI BODY!! 😍😍

Remember, it is during winter that we must prepare for the next summer. Not 3 months before bikini season 😉

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